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Confer your accounting and tax evidence upon us. You will meet all regulation and save time which you can use much more effectively for you main activities. Online accounting is for granted, thanks to which you will always have all information you need for your work available. We take great care of data security and its multiple backup. We work for legal persons, freelancers, non-profit organisations, associations and other subjects. We process single entry and double entry accounting and tax evidence.

What other benefits will cooperation with our team of accountants bring you?

  • We offer accounting for favourable prices. We focus on computerization and automation setting accounting and related processes, thanks to which our services are very efficient and low-cost for client.
  • We have built up a multi-level control system where the team of accountants always work under leadership of tax advisor and consult with auditor.

We offer these bookkeeping services:

  • External processing of accounting or tax evidence,
  • Tax advisory,
  • Processing monthly reports,
  • Processing annual tax return,
  • Preparation of financial statements and processing it’s notes according to Czech legislation,
  • Communication with financial authorities, social security offices, health insurance companies, representation at audits with competent authorities,
  • Preparing consolidation packages,
  • Reconstruction of accounting,
  • Supervision of accounting.

We also offer tax advisory, payroll accounting and other services.

Would you like to use services of a financial accountant?

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