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Financial Audit

We will provide you with complex audit services according to Czech legislation and International Auditor Standards. Your financial statements will be reviewed by our experienced auditing team, which is composed so as its members would know the area of your business and their work for you would thus be as beneficial as possible. The same rule applies even with highly specialised engagements as project audits for subsidy beneficiaries. At present we provide external financial audits for over 100 clients such as for-profit and non-profit organisations, municipalities or their organisations and other subjects.

It is also our objective that audit will bring added value in terms of information important to you as an entrepreneur. For example, during audit we will point out the difficiences of your internal control system, which might result in an unwelcome surprise in the future. We will recommend more efficient setting for your internal accounting processes etc.

We provide these audit services:

  • statutory and voluntary audit of individual financial statements prepared according to the Czech legislation,
  • statutory and voluntary audit of consolidated financial statements prepared according to the Czech legislation,
  • Audit of annual reports and reports on relations,
  • Audit of financial statements prepared according to IFRS or HGB,
  • Audit of opening balance sheet in case of company transformation,
  • Audit of consolidation packages,
  • Review of closing financial statements or their components,
  • Verifying fulfilment of contractual conditions,
  • Other assurance services – agreed-upon procedures, audit or review of historical financial information and other,
  • Advisory on preparing of individual or consolidated financial statements,
  • Other services according to your needs.

We also offer accounting advisory for preparing financial statements and a number of other services.

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