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The whole tax legislation is very complex so it would be very demanding for you to get familiar with it so as to meet all your responsibilities. We can help you to get rid of such a concern. We offer complex tax advisory, preparing your tax return, tax calculation and other services – for example, we will help you establish a company. Both legal entities and natural persons are our clients. Not only companies but the whole non-profit sector – non-profit organisations, municipalities and organizations constituted by them. We employ several tax advisors so a specialist for the particular area will always work for you.

What other benefits will cooperation with our advisors bring you?

  • All our tax advisors have plenty of experience and are very well-oriented at vast tax regulations and related legislation. Therefore you can count on us to find the most suitable solution to your taxes. In case legislation admits more options we will recommend the most convenient alternative.
  • We also watch all changes in legislation for you. We point out the ones relevant to your business and suggest a solution in time.

We provide the following services:

  • tax consultancy in person, by phone or e-mail,
  • preparing tax return for corporate tax,
  • preparing tax return for freelancers and other natural persons,
  • electronic submission of tax return and reports to tax authority by a representative,
  • checking documents for income tax return and their correction, if relevant,
  • preparing tax return and other submitting to VAT (EC sales list, VAT ledger statement),
  • preparing tax return for road tax, property tax, acquiring immovable property tax,
  • representing client before tax authority and court (in cooperation with renowned law firm),
  • identification of potential tax risks, e.g. while filing registration for a new tax, in another country etc.,
  • other services according to your needs.

Help with establishing a company

Would you like to establish a company but you are unfamiliar with the complex word of law, accounting and taxes? It will be our pleasure to help you start your business. We will advise you which type of business will suit your needs best. In case you choose legal person business form, you can confer the complete establishment of your company upon us. We will register your company with the financial authority and all institutions and consequently will care for your management of your tax evidence and accounting.

See the complete offer of our audit, tax and accounting office.

Would you like to use services of a tax advisor?

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