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Appraisal Services

We will process your expert’s opinion on valuation of your company, estate or rental. We also offer expertise in accountancy. Check our appraisal services in more detail:

1. Expert´s opinion on valuation of a company

Our experts have a wealth of professional experience and will process expert´s opinion for:

  • Valuation of a company, its part or upon contribution as consideration in kind, consideration in kind or upon its sale or purchase,
  • Valuation of an interest, settlement amount in a corporation, of contribution as consideration in kind,
  • Valuation of equity upon company transformations.

2. Valuation of a property and rental

We will process your expert´s opinion for a property or level of rental. We will determine the price usual in the place given (which means we will process market valuation of the estate and market level of rental matching the usual price in cases where expert´s opinion written by a judicial expert is not required.

3. Judicial expert on accountancy

If needed, we will make an accountancy expert´s report, where we will answer posed questions and tell what and how has been recorded.

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